Showers, SANs and Insurgency

9 04 2007

I’m doomed not to be able to have a decent hot electric shower. Came home from an Easter weekend away to find it’s the second time it has stopped working. I expect it’s the electrics again rather than the shower. Looks like I’ll have to buy another, less powerful, shower and try and sell this one on ebay. Anyone want to buy a 10kw shower? In the meantime, bath time each morning. Just one more thing to irritate me.

Spent the weekend with my wife and children with her brother and his family and extended family. A great weekend, only spoiled by the damn shower when we got home! On Sunday we went to a first birthday party, which was actually more of an adult affair. There I met a neighbour, an American gentleman called Michael and his wife and child. He told me he was a journalist, and had been a foreign correspondant now writing his second book. I finally got the chance to sit down for a chat when we had to leave for the long journey back home. So I promised to look up his book when I got home.

After a quick google, I found out some more about this interesting gentleman. His name is Michael Goldfarb, his book is called “Ahmad’s War, Ahmad’s Peace“. Michael is a very, very accomplished journalist. After reading bios, I am sad that I didn’t have more time to talk with him. He has created a documentary for the “Inside Out” program on WBUR Boston on the subject, which, in my opinion, is a moving account of the start of the current war in Iraq from a personal perspective. Click here to visit that documentary, which includes the radio program. It’s an hour long. Take my advice: get yourself a clear hour, turn up the speakers on your PC, get comfy and listen to it.

At work, I’ve finally sorted out my SAN problem, no thanks to the hopeless vendor (two letters, known for printers). Brocade were on site earlier last week for another matter, and their technical guru sat down with me, looked at the problem for a few minutes, and said “hafailover”. I’d suggested that to my vendor over a week previous – perhaps it got lost in translation between here and India. So, I spent an hour raising the change ticket, another hour talking to our customers, then the following morning I hit the return key, crossed my fingers and hoped the 12000 wouldn’t die. It was as monumentous as when the clocks ticked over to 1st January 2000. No planes dropped out of the sky, I still owed the bank several body parts for a mortgage, and the problem went away.

Take note Brocade customers – Brocade are offering a supplementary support service, obviously at a cost. If you’ve bought your switches from HP, IBM or EMC, get them in now. Don’t delay!