Bandwidth – so near I can smell it

2 08 2008

It looks like my rantings managed to help somebody, which has kicked me in the pants to apologise to my blog for neglicting it. As per my earlier posts, long distance bandwidth has always been a problem. Well, hopefully that could now be cured. I have received the gift of Ciena CN2000s. They claim I should get at least a 4:1 compression of my fibre channel traffic overall. If that’s the case, when all is done I’ll have a creamy 32Gb of bandwidth, which brings me a small amount of pleasure.

After a bit of faffing with our DWDM supplier about OTR wavelengths, I now have a pair talking to each other. A couple of fibre links are connected but not enabled yet, ready for that fateful moment when I enable the ports on the switches and hopefully something will happen. For once, I’m not irritated. Well, except for the amount of time I’ve had to spend begging and offerring deviant favours to get the bandwidth.

More to come……




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