Life should be simple

27 01 2008

Just now I was chugging along with domestic life, masticating on the things on my mind, such as bill paying, feeding the family, making my code more efficient, when my 3 year old daughter nonchalantly ambles by wearing her Disney Princess dress that she got for Christmas and starts rummaging around her room. Then out she trots, happy as a pig in poop, because she’s found her tiara. I stop my thinking (I’ve been known to do that) and realise I’m jealous. Not of the tiara – it’s far too small for my large melon – but that life for her is so simple that her biggest worry is that she can’t find her tiara. I wish life could be that simple.

Talking of simple things, or things that should be simple, I’ve been lab testing array migration by externalising behind the NSC I look after. We already virtualise storage, but have never used it for migration. I recently emptied an old 9980 array, but that was by using host based mirroring. That work’s fine, but the problem is that I had to hand over the mirroring work to our Unix support team, who are so overwhelmed with work that it had to wait its turn. Perhaps being a control freak who does not like to have to rely on others to finish his work has something to do with it as well?

So now I’ve got the old 9980 to myself, I allocated a few LDEVs to my linux box, populated them with crud data, then decallocated it from the server and virtualised them behind the NSC. I’ve done this before in the lab with like for like storage, worked a treat. So I represent the now virtualised LDEVs back to the linus server, and it complains that the disk headers are fubar’d.

I de-virtualise (if there’s such a word) the storage and represent it native. Headers are still fubar’d. Oh dear. Going back through the process, I’m sure I didn’t cock up. I didn’t reformat the virtualised LDEVs. I did, however, present them from the NSC as Open-Vs, whereas on the 9980 they’re Open-Es. I did have the option of presenting them from the NSC as Open-Es, but I didn’t do that because a) I wasn’t expecting anything to be written to the 9980, and b) I wanted to try out using Shadowimage to migrate the data (I know there are other tools to do that, but they cost money). I’m going to redo this next week, this time I’ll virtualise as Open-Es and see what happens. This concerns me as I have seen other bloggers discuss how they’ve virtualised all sort of pre-existing data on a variety of arrays. Maybe I did cock something up? That’s the joy of testing I suppose. I’ve got to migrate data from a USP100 soon, so I’ll try some testing on that too. At least that should be like for like.

One final point before I head off with the family to the park – regarding my previous post, I’ve been asked how can a prospective employer contact me? Good point, seeing as I don’t publish my e-mail address (nothing personal, but I get enough spam). I moderate all posts that come in, so if you want to talk to me, just drop in a reply posting to this article. I’ll take the details, then delete the post so it won’t appear and will remain confidential. And please, no agents touting for CVs. More on that later…..




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