Been a while….

25 01 2008

It’s been a while since my last post. However, I have been getting lots of comments. Looking just now, it was around 35,000! Unfortunately, all spam. Another of life’s little irritations. I had to take down my union branch’s website forum recently because of spammers breaking through the defences. Went away for a two week holiday to Canada (lovely country, by the way) and found some of the site users most distressed at Viagra and various orifice probes being offerred as solutions to the questions they were posing.

I’ve been getting to grips more with our HDS kit recently. Tuning Manager is a bundle of laughs, isn’t it? As was pointed out to me, it was written in the Japanese market place, which is vendor driven rather than customer driven. Boy, does it show. And I enjoy some of their intuitive screens on Storage Navigator – who thought it was a bright idea when setting up Universal Replicator that right clicking on a large blank grey area of screen to get something done was intuitive?

On the domestic front, I’ve had to change the shower again. What is it with me and electric showers? They seem to last just long enough to be out of warranty and then *bang*. I’ve also been tracing my family tree, which has been really interesting, and at times my wife has had to suggest to me that I pause for a break, as she thinks I’ve been a tad obsessive with it at times. I think she may be right 🙂

I’ve got quite a lot of ranting to get out of my irritated system. And the odd question to pose. I’ll need to filter it out in small chunks.

Oh, and by the way, if anybody is looking for an experienced Storage professional to cover the Midlands area for a Professional Services Consultancy type role, let me know.




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