R_RDY, Potty, Go!

18 05 2007

Had an interesting meeting today (don’t say that often) with a man from Nortel who summed up my long distance ISL problem nicely – I need to use ISL R_RDY mode with the long distance settings on the ISLs across our DWDM links (fronted by Nortel MOTRs). Apparently the Brocade VC Link Init protocol is too sensitive to work with their kit, so I shall be trying that out early next week. It may even cure my lack of throughput, which I suspect is because I’m not getting a huge amount of full size packets going through the links, hence exhausting the buffer credits.

Also found out that with Condor ASIC equipped Brocade switches (4100, 48000 etc) I should not expect to see an even spread of throughput across ISL trunks, as their algorithm loads a single link up to around 70% first before starting to spread out further, to cut out unneccessary frame splits and re-joins. Makes sense I suppose. 

There was a hint of a beige tint to the air when I got home tonight. My daughter has started potty training, and not long before I came home had decided that she couldn’t get to the potty in time, so left what the Big Yin (that’s Billy Connolly, one of the funniest people on the planet) may describe as a ‘wee beige jobby’ in the middle of the living room! At least she went and washed her hands afterwards!

Which leads nicely to the fact the I’m on call this weekend and already had my first call within half an hour of getting home 😦




One response

23 05 2007

If you are not there already, have a look at the education pages on Brocade’s website. They offer a lot of good courses and some are free, including the one on FC4-48 blades for 48000, which talks a lot about Condor chipset, shared areas, etc. (Course code AFS 132).
There is also a specific 48000 course for 99 bucks.
(or lean on your Brocade guy for some freebies!?)

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