Wood, Trees, D’oh!

26 03 2007

Well, good news and bad. Good news, the DWDM links are working properly. Bad news, my inability to see the wood for the trees. Got so tied up looking at the quality of the links, someone said to me today “You’ve allocated too many buffer credits”. So, I turned off the long distance, hey presto, no more time outs. D’oh, back to the dummy’s book for me. Too many credits meant the destination port was being flooded. Now I need to test and tweak. Without LD, I’ve not got enough credits. We’ll have a diverse 22km route soon, maths says “1 credit per km” for a 2gb link. I though dynamic allocation (LD) mode on the Brocades would handle everything nicely for me, but obviously not. Need to find out why it thought the link was 30km. So, time for testing with static allocations. Nothing like sucking and seeing.

Bad news, still waiting for my 12000 vendor to come back to me and explain why one half still thinks the fabric is busy and stops me propagating fabric changes. Not impressed. I fear I’ll have to reboot, which means an emergency change. Perfect timing as our Change Management team has just introduced a new template, which means half a days just to fill out the change request for the outage. And of course, they’ve not publicised the change. I noted in the new template there’s not a section relating to hypocrisy.




One response

27 03 2007

I *HATE* *HATE* *HATE* the Brocade 12000. (Can I say that emphatically enough?) It’s poor design on top of crappy technology.

Make sure when you’re sliding the blades in that you don’t depend on the anchors to seat them. The ends are too short and if you don’t have it firmly seated before you try to lock it down, you run the very real risk of cocking the board to one side and putting a crack in the backplane.

When I was on-site at a customer site in Norfolk, VA we actually had to replace an entire frame during install because 3 of the 8 slots were bad due to this very condition…

Not happy times. Go with Cisco – you’ll see your long distance woes go away.

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